Mission, Vision and Motto

Mission, Vision and Motto  




An Equitable Digital World for Everyone


To create an exemplary organisation and network of African Women in Computing with a desire to inclusively provide: opportunities, mentorship, capacity building and inspire young generations through role modeling.


Everyone Involved.


Our Core Values


All Thrive: We create opportunities where everyone can inspire and thrive

Leadership & Volunteerism: Selfless Commitment to our community

Integrity & Respect: Being true to self and others

Work-Life Balance: Being free from social stereotypes and making choices without losing ourselves

Sisterhood: Embrace togetherness and mentorship

Innovation and Adaptability: Encourage creativity driven by our diversity

Openness and Freedom: Encourage our community to boost their own prosperity


Program Areas

  1. Facilitate networking and sharing of opportunities with women in Computer Science / Information Technology – recognizing that there is power in purposeful collaboration and networking.
  2. Establish a platform for mentorship targeting upcoming young women in Computer Science / Information Technology.
  3. Identify opportunities and broker partnerships for professional training / development and exposure of women in Computer Science / Information Technology
  4. Manage the AfChix platforms: websites and mailing lists


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